Design Competition winners

And the winners of The SOFACOMPANY
Design Competition are…. *drum roll*

It started with over 200 amazing designs, and now the three winning sofas have been chosen.
Our jury had a tough job deciding on the final three, but here you can see which sofas won 1., 2. and 3. prize.
A big congratulations is in order and we can't wait to get the winning sofa produced.

First place

Wojciech Błaszczyk & Marina Lewandowska
from Poland

Flawless, elegant and eye-catching. Those are the words our jury members use to describe the sofa design that takes the first prize in our Design Competition. The most distinctive feature of the winning design is the contrast between the soft, round cushions and the cool look of the steel frame – it makes the sofa appear both sculptural and cosy. “I smile every time I see it”, said one jury member, and we totally agree. We cannot wait to put this beauty into production!

Second place

Cille P. Grosell
from Denmark

Who doesn’t want to get a sofa hug every day? That is the feeling you get from this sofa design. The curvy shapes and the backrests with different heights emphasize the playful and lively expression of the sofa providing endless possibilities for decorating. The jury members call this design a ‘statement piece’ that calls to mind a fluffy, dreamy cloud. And they also loved that fact the models were shaped in clay. That’s one thing they have not seen before.

Third place

Alexander Elgaard Sørensen
from Denmark

The jury was super excited about the multifunctionality of this design. The sofa speaks to one of the most significant tendencies right now – working from home. The cushions can be rearranged during the day to make the sofa suit every possible activity – whether you need your computer or coffee cup within range on the open storage shelf. References to classic furniture design and beautiful carpentry details turned the scales for the jury – and that is why this multifunctional design got a well-earned third place.

The jury

The jury consisting of 5 hard cores design experts in their own way had a tough time deciding on who should win our design competition.

From the left:
Rosita, Nikoline, Line, Helle and Herle

Tough decisions: The jury in the midst of deliberating all the fun and creative entering pieces from this year's Design Competition

Rosita Satell: 
Rosita Satell has a PhD in design culture from University of Southern Denmark. Her research areas are furniture design, media and design museums.

Nikoline Tryde Hølund: 
Nikoline is Designer at SOFACOMPANY, and a trained furniture upholster and it shows through her design, that is based on great craftsmanship and focus on details and materials.

Line Nevers Krabbenhøft: 
Line is Head of Design at SOFACOMPANY, and has an overshadowing interest of design and she beliefs that great design can not only make a difference but also make people happier.

Helle Blok:
Helle Blok is editor in chief at Bolig Magasinet and the Norwegian equivalent BoligPluss. Together with the editorial teams she spots all the new interior trends out there and takes pride in mediating these in an inspiring way.

Herle Jarlgaard Hansen:  
Herle Jarlgaard Hansen is the founder of the design platform FindersKeepers whose mission is to create a place where the most talented, inspiring and creative designers and artists can present their products to other design and art lovers.

Who are the geniuses behind the winning designs?

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